A Brief history of the bean bag....

The bean bag was first discovered in the 1960's by three Italian men while working for a styrofoam factory, they called it a Sacco. It was made out of vinyl and filled up with leftover pieces of styrofoam pellets. 

How to open your bean bag

In accordance with Australian Standards all zipper pullers are removed. Zippers can be opened and closed using a safety pin. Please ensure to remove the safety pin once the bean bag cover has been opened/closed.

How many bags of filling will I need

Our bean bags are available in 3 different sizes to suit everyone. Mini, Midi, Maxi. 

We suggest using polystyrene balls to fill your bean bag cover. 100L of bean bag filling for our mini size, 200L for our midi and 300L for our maxi.

We recommend you don't over fill your bean bag to avoid placing too much pressure on the stitching and zipper

How to fill a Bean Bag

Filling your bean bag can be easy and mess free. Its aways a good idea to have someone help you hold the bean bag cover open while you do the filling. Make sure you stand away from the door or any breeze as this can cause the bean bag balls to end up on the floor. If you are filling your bean bag from a new bag of beans carefully snip the corner off the bag of beans. Lower the opened corner into the bean bag opening and allow the beans to flow out until you have reached your desired firmness.

If you are filling the bean bag from another bean bag cover make a paper funnel to help you. Simply roll a piece of paper into a funnel and stick the ends down to prevent the paper from unrolling. Insert the funnel into the hole of the full bean bag and tighten the zipper around the funnel. Place the other end of the funnel into the open hole of the empty bean bag cover and proceed to fill. 

Make sure you pick up/vacuum any loose beans that have spilled during the filling process as these can be dangerous to children or pets if swallowed. 

WARNING: Children can suffocate if bean bag filling is swallowed or inhaled. Do not let children climb inside

a bean bag.  A bean bag is not a safe sleeping surface for an infant under 12 moths of age.

Do your bean bags come with an inner liner

Our beanbag covers do not come with an inner liner. We have found that filling the bean bag cover direct allows the bean bag balls to fill every corner creating a very comfortable seat for you to enjoy. 

When will my bean bag / Item be dispatched

All of our bean bag covers are made to order and will be dispatched in 14 business days once your payment is completed. We do try to ship orders sooner where possible. 

Please note that once your order has been dispatched it can take up to 6 working days to be delivered in Australia.

Do you ship worldwide

Yes we do ship worldwide. All items are shipped from Australia, your shipping costs will be calculated at check out. 

Please check with your local customs to determine if any further charges will apply prior to your purchase as Agnes Avenue is not responsible for these charges. 


Where are the bean bags / products made 

We love supporting our local talents so each bean bag cover is 100% handmade on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia 

How to care for your bean bag

Use warm water and a mild detergent on a cloth to spot clean any marks or dirty areas. Do not use any abrasive cleaners as they might damage the fabric. Do not bleach or soak.

Always keep your bean bag on a smooth surface to protect the fabric from damage/tearing.

Always keep sharp objects away from the bean bag to ensure its safe from tears/rips. 

We pride ourselves on quality and always ensure great care is taken when each bean bag cover is made, whilst jumping onto the bean bag might seem like a fun idea please note that the extra pressure could result in damage to the stitching/zipper and cause the bean bag cover to burst.

Return / Refund Policy

Four Folk offer a 14 day replacement policy for faulty products from date of shipment. You will be offered a replacement of the same product, should that not be available you will be offered a different product of the same value or a refund. 

Customers will be responsible for postage fees on all returns unless the return is due to a faulty product.